Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • RT @germany_news: Berlin Soccer Club embroiled in Stasi sponsorship row: #
  • The latter is our "Book of the Week" for this week. #
  • Cornelius Fichtner re follow friday: – I agree, and I was SO guilty of doing it the bad way last friday #
  • Polish PM: During the ceremonies myself and [prez] will present the Polish pt of view, whether someone likes it or not. #
  • Cool, found this old article about GDR dissident (and personal acquaintance) Wolfgang Welsch. From the U.S.: #
  • First five who sign up for newsletter get equiv GBP 5 gift certificate at amazon us,uk,ca or de. Details: #
  • If you do the promotion (last tweet), don't forget you have to confirm the request (you get the confirmation e-mail) #
  • Eeks, total fail! Nobody has taken advantage of the offer! Going to bed (it's 01:25 here),will announce results 2mrw #
  • @cymraegcayla Congrats! Which Amazon? I guess it would be CA? #
  • Awoke this morning to find that one person had taken the offer. ( ) Bravo! #
  • I love it when non-English media sites have at least some English content, like this site of PL's Gazeta Wyborcza. #
  • Łódź section of has much on the Łódź Ghetto, including this 10 min film But in polish! Like the music. #
  • If anybody watches that and can identify the music for me, I'd appreciate it. Wikipedia re that ghetto: #
  • Original draft plans for construction of Auschwitz given to Israeli PM: #
  • RT @billdawson: Posted: NY Times features German "Tatort" TV series #
  • My not-very-popular offer still has 4 slots available. Just sayin'. #
  • @Theofel Danke für das FF. Du (wenn ich duzen darf) macht es gut hier: schon 34 Followers nach nur 3 Tage! #
  • Happy Follow Friday everyone. @Theofel is a 3dy old account by a professional historian/journalist. She tweets in German! #
  • Oh god I forgot the #ff #followfriday #historyFF topic tags in that tweet about @Theofel. Fixed. #
  • RT @TheLocalGermany: Vietnamese reporter sacked over Berlin Wall blog post #
  • I just think it's so cool that my fave German show was featured in the NY Times yesterday. #
  • And let's not forget the Austrian Tatort, starring H Krassnitzer, whose autograph I actually have! (Yes, I'm a nerd.) #
  • Since I have some new followers, let me re-announce that you can get an Amazon gift certificate (4 available) #
  • @fuckincroissant Congrats!, right? #
  • @fuckincroissant ok, then I won't bother sending the money. JUST KIDDING! :-) It's there now. Enjoy it! #
  • @fuckincroissant wld be lovely if you started your shopping with this link — i get some credit then. in reply to fuckincroissant #
  • Bravo, two signups and two certificates gone! 3 to go. #
  • @MattMoore647 Hi Matt, thx for signing up. you get an amazon certificate – do you want it for #
  • @MattMoore647 thx matt! in reply to MattMoore647 #
  • History and historians are big news in Russia v Poland these days. Putins Sep 1 visit will be interesting. #
  • @Ente81 Film sieht aber sehr gut aus! Haben sie wirklich einen Junge gegen sie geschickt? in reply to Ente81 #

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