Germany and Austria 1996

Germany and Austria 1996

My German History Blog is all about … German History.  Well, it’s about Austrian History too, and I apologize to the Austrians for yet another instance of playing second fiddle to their northern neighbors.  Unfortunately “germanandaustrianhistoryblog.com” seemed just too long to tolerate.   Germany, the big boy on the block, won out yet again. But I hope to show how broad and deep my interest in Austrian History is as well.

I seek to discuss all sorts of German and Austrian history subjects.  Because of the sheer volume of material available concerning the Second World War and National Socialism, there will no doubt be a skew in that direction, but I am interested in — and will occasionally write about —  other eras of the region’s history.

In addition to posting my own thoughts on specific topics, I’ll keep an eye on and report about what others in the blogosphere and on the internets are writing about German and Austrian history.  I’ll also let you know about books I’ve come across, and I’ll post the occasional photo or other graphical material, assuming I’m allowed to do so with respect to copyright.

I think it is prudent to also mention what this site is not:  this is not a site dedicated to German militaria.  There are plenty of sites which are dedicated to this topic; my site is not one of them.

About ME

German History Blog is owned and operated by me, Bill Dawson, an American citizen who lives in Vienna, Austria.  Though a computer programmer by profession, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in History.  I consider German History Blog to be my much needed outlet for discussing my favorite non-technical subject.

You can read more about me at the “About” page of my personal blog.

About the Author

Bill Dawson is an American citizen who, having married an Austrian, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. A programmer by trade, he studied history as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley.