Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • Prince of Liechtenstein invokes Holocaust as reason to keep bank secrecy; angers German Jews. #
  • flashback 17 Aug 1939, "Germany will not consent to Danzig Talks" #
  • Did streptococcal infection kill WA Mozart? #
  • RT @WWIIToday: in History: 8.18.41. Hitler orders halt to euthanasia of Germany's mentally ill as rising protests challenge the Nazi program #
  • First one who replies with the correct name (first and last) of the young lady in the second picture on my profile gets… well, praise! #
  • And praise goes out to @synvet (Synve in Norway) who correctly replied with … "Sophie Scholl!" #
  • was down so no url was auto-created for that last tweet re the new posting. Here 'tis: #
  • RT @dw_germany: New book reveals horrors of brothels in Nazi concentration camps #
  • is pathetic today. Here's a link for that "Hausarchiv" posting: #
  • (wow great resource) RT @dancohen: RT @xcia0069: APIs for huge collection of archives websites relating to WW1 and WW2 – #
  • Excellent German propaganda (both NSDAP and SED) resource from Calvin College: #
  • Example from that propaganda site: Goebbels 1927: "Up with the German worker's state!" #
  • @fuckincroissant Well thank you! in reply to fuckincroissant #
  • It all started with this small crack in the dike, 20 years ago yesterday. #
  • Stay cool Deutschland, where lots of youl are facing 37°C today. Here in Vienna we'll "only" get to 30. #
  • @fuckincroissant Good, then my site and links are perfect 4 u. A new way of "studying". in reply to fuckincroissant #
  • @scattermoon So cool. I'm having a good chuckle thinking of Dirndl'd lass walking about in the UK. in reply to scattermoon #
  • Bummer when my real life work intrudes on my tweeting about things that are so much more interesting! :-) #
  • Anybody going to Berlin this year to see celebrations/exhibitions celebrating 20 yr anniv Fall of Wall? (I'm not :-( ) #
  • Colorful brochure (pdf avail — only in german) for german students on the GDR/DDR and Wall Fall #
  • #FollowFriday @TheLocalGermany @RissmannT (german) @germany_news @Ente81 @TheHistoryWoman @fuckingcroissant @scattermoon @HistoryatCamb #
  • Germany's UK embassy has some pretty good stuff re Wall and reunification. Check-out the navigation on left-side too. #
  • @WWIIToday a really good photo. What kind of uniform on the guy on the left (whose arm we see)? The Jeep looks US, but that uniform? in reply to WWIIToday #
  • Fab resource! (just german RT @Ente81: Orte der Erinnerung – neue Internetpräsenz mehrere Gedenkstätten: #
  • Stirring (esp. b/o the music) video re Berlin Wall . Linked to it also from my Berlin Wall page. #

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