This page, which will basically always be a work in progress since I discover sites all the time, lists links to other sites with content that is somehow related to Germany, Austria or History in general.


  • At Tatty Jackets, Vicky Stiles pulls out old, tatty-jacketed German books and translates interesting parts for us. For example, as I’m typing this, her last post was about a German Nazi’s (or at least Nazi sympathizer’s) view of American women, as portrayed in his book “What America is Talking About”. As Vicki puts it, “It’s a strange mix of genuine affection, Nazi ideology and bewilderment at America’s funny foreign ways.” Her site has lots of cool stuff like that. Go check it out!
  • German Propaganda Archive. This is a fantastic web resource if you are studying or are otherwise interested in the propaganda of either 20th Century German dictatorship. Associated with Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the site is maintained by one of their professors, Randall Bytwerk. Professor Bytwerk emphasizes English translations of the source material. For example, if he presents a speech by Josef Goebbels, he gives his own translation rather than the source German (he explains his reasons for that in the FAQ). For more visual material such as propaganda posters, he provides images so that you can see the originals directly. He also maintains a blog which is good to subscribe to (via RSS) in order to be kept up-to-date on the new material he releases.
  • Germany Headlines Examiner. It’s nice to see that a big U.S. web property,, has a site for headlines from Germany as well. And indeed they do, thanks to “Examiner” Buffy Naillon, who holds a degree in German Literature. I’m grateful as well that Buffy has linked to German History Blog.


  • Zeitreisen-Blog: The name of this blog, roughly translated, is “Time Travel: A tour of discovery through history.” Lukas Moj, M.A., owns the site and writes very rich, very detailed entries concerning historical events and topics. He also deserves a great deal of credit for often ending his articles with lists of literature and web links for those who wish to learn more. Zeitreisen is truly a very impressive history blog!

About the Author

Bill Dawson is an American citizen who, having married an Austrian, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. A programmer by trade, he studied history as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley.