Guest post at German History Blog?

Dear Readers,

I will be on vacation from about 18 November to 10 December 2009, so during that time I expect my content here at the blog will be a bit on the light side.

Are you interested in submitting a potential guest post to me for consideration?  If it fits good with the subject matter of this blog, I would love to schedule it for posting during my vacation time.

It doesn’t have to be totally history-related.  For example, with Christmas coming up it could be something about German or Austrian Christmas traditions.

If you have a topic idea, feel free to e-mail me or post a comment here. In case you want to e-mail, I’ll obscure my e-mail address here a bit to avoid e-mail address harvesters: it’s my name (“bill”) at the name of this domain, which as you know is “germanhistoryblog” dot com.

Until next time,

Bill Dawson

P.S. Quid pro quo, of course: by having a guest post here, you get an opportunity to promote your own sites or interests.  The guest post would of course include a blip about you, wherein you can put links to other sites.  E.g.,
This is a guest post from Bill Dawson, who writes regularly about topics concerning German History.  Given the upcoming anniversary, he is spending a lot of time particularly on the topic of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.  [etc…]

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Bill Dawson is an American citizen who, having married an Austrian, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. A programmer by trade, he studied history as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley.